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Tuff Rib Panels

Classic Rib, Ag-Panel, D-Rib

Residential and Agriculture Market

The Tuff Rib Panel is the most commonly used metal siding and roofing panel in the residential and agriculture market today. It is also known by other names such as: Classic Rib or Ag-Panel. It is most commonly fastened with screws in the flats of the panel. Tuff Rib is available in 29 or 26 gauge painted or galvalume material. If you are looking for the benefits of a metal roof at a very affordable price, Tuff Rib is the panel for you.

Why choose Tuff Rib Panels?


  • 29 Gauge Painted 40 Yr. Warranty

  • 29 Gauge Galvalume 25 Yr. Warranty


  • Ribs 3/4″ Tall 9″ on Center

  • 36″ Overall Coverage

  • Sidelap with Anti-Siphon Groove

  • Screw Through Fastening System

  • Works Best on Solid Substrate or Purlins 24″ o/c or Less

Common Uses

  • Agriculture Buildings, Roofing, and Siding

  • Home Roofs

  • Interior Wall Panels